Body Togs Legs (Pair)

Body Togs Legs (Pair)


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Body Togs are weighted "sleeves" worn under clothing on the calves and forearms to increase the weight load and help your body burn more calories. Body Togs add from four to seven pounds of weight, depending on size. These extra pounds automatically increase the calories you burn throughout the day and help increase your fitness level.

Whatever you do - from walking the dog to cleaning the house or climbing stairs - Body Togs turns it into a calorie-burning and fitness enhancing workout. Body Togs feature an innovative "no-show" design that fits snugly and comfortably under your clothing.

You can wear them everywhere - and no one needs to know.

Body Togs Enhance Caloric Burn and Fitness

Body Togs add extra weight on the calves and forearms in an ergonomically correct and evenly distributed manner. You’ll burn added calories and tone muscle while shopping, running errands, going to work, housecleaning, walking the dog... Body Togs can even be used during exercise!

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