Extreme Core Trainer Plate
Extreme Core Trainer Plate
Extreme Core Trainer Plate
Extreme Core Trainer Plate
Extreme Core Trainer Plate

Extreme Core Trainer Plate


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The Total Core is a piece of training kit that enables you to exercise all your major muscle groups at once. With its unique yet simple design, it is easy to assemble, store and move from place to place.


But how does it work? The Torso Max works by inserting an Olympic bar (included with the Torso Max) which enables an individual to conduct any rotational and sideways movements.


This machine is special. I think it ticks all the boxes if you want a strong and functional torso. It's brutally effective and fun to use – I can guarantee you haven't used anything quite like it.


* Unstoppable rotational power:


Ideal for martial artists, footballers, golfers and nearly all sporting athletes.


* Gives you a full body workout:


Talk about versatile, not only will your core muscles get nailed, you'll develop your arms, shoulders, legs, back, chest and grip simultaneously. It fair to say that all major muscles get a workout.


* Trains you on your feet:


This is the functional beauty of the Total Core. This is one of the secrets to a functionally strong core.


* You'll develop real world strength that will assist you in your sport and your skill set. You can't get this functionality with the sit-up or those over hyped Ab machines.




The Total Core is your complete exercise tool for core strength and full body power. The Russians have been using this form of training for decades. One of the many reasons they have produced superior aathletes for many.


PLEASE NOTE : bars sold seperately.

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