Gym Hammer 10kg

Gym Hammer 10kg


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"An Intense & Functional Training Method That Builds Never Dying Conditioning and A Super Strong Core..."


So you've tried most forms of training but want something that will push you even further?


If you like kettlebell and other forms of resistance training you really should consider Sledge Hammer Training.


Sledge training uses the flexing chain of muscles which helps balance out the more extensively used extensor group of musculature. The key to a good workout is to balance the use of the agonist and antagonist muscles. This is where the sledge hammer training fits in.


Sledge hammer training is also,


* Incredibly intense and challenging - some experts say that training with a sledge hammer is one of the most intense types of over head training.


* Functional core training. Because you're standing up sledge hammer training utilises the entire body and trains your core thoroughly.


* Safe. Although an intense workout, sledge hammer training is very safe.


* Great for increasing GPP - you're conditioning will improve, allowing you to compete to the very end.


* It's fun and interesting. Training with a sledge will keep you motivated and enthusiastic.


Our sledge hammers come in weights of 10 and 15kg. We recommend starting out with the 10kg and moving up to the 15kg after some experience.


Get your hands on a Sledge Hammer today!



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