Cleto Reyes Leather Medicine Ball

Cleto Reyes Leather Medicine Ball

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Ideal for increasing core strength; abdominal, waist and neck workout. Made to give the resistance needed by developing the force that is demanded in heavy workouts. Available in different weights and sizes for a better balance and made to fit training needs. Made with genuine leather, stitched and reinforced to increase longevity.

HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Sturdy and rugged, this medicine ball is made with heavy-duty synthetic leather and professionally double stitched to hold it closed even during intense daily workout routine. Will provide you with years of throws, lifts and fitness exercises.

SOFT, SECURE GRIP: This sports wall ball features a finely textured leather softshell which provides you with a firm, sure grip on the ball even with a sweaty hand. What’s more, the ball is large and ergonomically engineered for easy catching, throwing or slamming.

EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: The internal of each weight ball is filled and individually weighed before stitching and tested to ensure even weight distribution and perfect balance for optimal impact resistance and heaviness without losing shape even during heavy workout routines.

Weight conversion into lbs

2kgs = 4lb

3kgs = 6lb

4kgs = 8lb

5kgs = 10lb

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