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Your weakest link is your grip,  and it’s the same for pretty much everyone: body builder, athlete, MMA fighter.

But most people don’t realize that their grip is holding back their whole body’s strength development.

The reason is: most barbells and dumbbells are too easy to grip. That’s fine when you’re getting started. The trouble comes later on…

After you’ve been training a few months – or even a few years – you’ll start to plateau. You just can’t keep adding on the weight every session like you used to. So you lift the same – you look the same – month after month, year after year.

This is what’s been happening. While you’ve been building up the rest of your body, your grip has been left behind. It has become your weak point.

The barbells and dumbbells you’ve been training with have become your own worst enemy. By being easy for you to grip, they’ve stopped you developing strength in your hands and your forearms.

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