FLY Punch Sticks X
FLY Punch Sticks X

FLY Punch Sticks X

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Our Punch Sticks X are one of our newest and hottest releases, helping you to improve your precision and accuracy with every punch and strike that you perform.


Designed to help you enhance everything from your speed, to your accuracy, to your footwork; allowing you to perfect your technique for when you hit the ring. Offering an unrivalled balance of weight and feel, ideal for your trainer to tap and lightly hit you with to help work on your offences and your defences when training. 


Made from a highly robust uniquely engineered artificial leather, standing the test of time and providing you with the ultimate training experience for many years to come. Specially engineered for fast-paced combos, with the ability to mimic an opponents punches to the athlete to slip and dodge; so that you can become the best of the best in no time. 


Our Punch Sticks X are available in both Black and Red, so you can choose the colour that suits your training bag best.

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