Performance Speed Sled
Performance Speed Sled

Performance Speed Sled


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This product range has been developed with functional fitness and performance in mind and the new Performance Sled comes under this category.


With it’s solid steel silver frame and the unique push/pull design, this sled is very durable and versatile. It comes complete with a strong, multi point harness for comfortable use. The Sled can be used with or without load which can be increased up to 140kg.


Sled training has been popular in performance facilities to aid conditioning and recovery but it is becoming more mainstream as the benefits for all become apparent. It really does fit the functional training mould as it allows for training in multiple movement patterns without any adjustments to the equipment when in use.


Muscles can be targeted, especially in the hip and thigh areas, in the manner in which they work in most sporting and every day activities. The piece of equipment is very easy to use and a good motivator as most people can quickly judge their success rate. The Sled can be useful for those who avoid squatting, lunging and deep knee bending due to health problems or injury. Great for outdoor group activity – circuit training, team challenges, boot camp, etc.


* Solid steel frame

* Unique push/pull design

* Multi point harness for comfortable use

* Increase load up to 140kg

* Colour: Silver

* Weight: 24kg

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