Roll-Air Plus 15cm x 90cm

Roll-Air Plus 15cm x 90cm


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At last a high performance replacement for the Foam roller has arrived the Air Roller Plus! Rollers are increasingly widely used in fitness, Pilates and Physiotherapy to improve strength, flexibility and balance as well as for myofascial massage.

The Roll-Air replaces the traditional foam roller, offering a full length, high performance alternative that will not lose its shape and can be inflated to match your desired firmness. This unique design combines an inflatable roller with a durable cover, that both protects the roller and ensures that roller maintains a perfect cylinder, allowing a full length roller. The Roll-Air can be deflated to save storage space or for travelling and can be carried over the shoulder or hung up to save space using the quick release carry string supplied . The carry string also enables one person to carry multiple rollers making this perfect for studio use.
Roll-Airs have been tested by SGS as burst-resistant at 250Kg and will outlast normal foam rollers by many years!

Includes: 15cm pump, spare stopper & stopper remover, carry string.
Roller & Cover Weight: 1.2Kg
Size: Industry Standard 15cm x 90cm when fully inflated
Colour: Blue Air Roller with Blue Nylon cover

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