The Ultimate Burn Machine with Stand and Carry Case
The Ultimate Burn Machine with Stand and Carry Case
The Ultimate Burn Machine with Stand and Carry Case
The Ultimate Burn Machine with Stand and Carry Case
The Ultimate Burn Machine with Stand and Carry Case

The Ultimate Burn Machine with Stand and Carry Case


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"The biggest thing to hit MMA Gyms since Kettlebells- The Burn Machine"


As featured in Fighters Only Magazine.



The Burn Machine is a revolutionary option for anyone looking for a better fitness routine. This system allows individuals to strengthen core muscles and burn calories like never before. As you exercise, you place more stress on one side of the body, providing more muscle "burn" with fewer repetitions while strengthening the body's core muscles. Individuals of all fitness levels can get powerful, effective results from The Burn Machine workout.

The Burn Machine Barbell System provides two distinctive types of workouts. First, using 360-degree ergonomically-designed rotating grips, the Burn Machine allows for total control in strength training. Second, the horizontal center bar connecting the 360-degree rotating grips on all Burn Machine barbells has a patented Asymmetrical Burn Counterweight that can be moved from side to side, enabling symmetrical and asymmetrical workouts without changing machines. All Burn Machines come with a convenient travel case, and all barbells come with an elegant display stand. The Burn Machine is compact enough to fit on an office desk, and attractive enough to display on a mantle.


How The Burn Machine Works - All human physical motion is asymmetrical. Endeavors are performed with some muscle groups working independently of others that are at rest or in a support mode. Accordingly, we should exercise asymmetrically, mimicking all physical activity. Four of the six Burn Machine models (Intermediate & Professional Cross Trainer, Universal & Ultimate Burn Machine) have a center bar with a revolutionary, patented sliding "Asymmetrical Burn Counterweight" that can be positioned either to the right, left or center of the center bar. This changes your body's center of gravity and places it in an asymmetrical position for a more intense workout. As you exercise, more stress is placed on the heavier side of the machine, producing more muscle burn with fewer repetitions.


Basic Exercises - Listed below are a number of basic exercises that can be performed with a Burn Machine. Remember each exercise can be varied simply by rotating your hand placement with the 360 degree rotating grips. You can use static hand placement (rotate you hands after each rep) or slowly rotate your hands while you are performing each exercise. Change the position of the "Asymmetrical Burn Counterweight" for a more intense workout.


Shoulders Biceps


Arnold Press Curl


Military Press Reverse Curl


Front Overhead Press Hammer Curl


Upright Row (Close Grip) Supinated Curl


Front Shoulder Raises


Chest Quads


Flat Bench Press Squat


Incline Bench Press Front Squat


Decline Bench Press Hack Squat


Step Ups




Triceps Hamstrings


Overhead Triceps Lunge


Extension Straight Leg Dead Lift


Lying Triceps Extension Romanian Dead Lift


Incline Triceps Extension


Trapezius / Neck Back


Shrugs Bent Row


Upright Row (Wide Grip) One Arm Bent Row


Dead Lift


Good Mornings


Calves Abdominals


Seated Calf Raises Weighted Sit Ups



Comes complete with FREE Carry case and Stand.


Used by Anderson Silva and Brock Lesnar, UFC World MMA Champions.

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