Tuf Wear PU Angle Punchbag

Tuf Wear PU Angle Punchbag

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Suitable for both home and commercial use

The Tuf Wear PU Angle Bag is a great addition to your punchbag collection, the outer has been made from a hard wearing quality PU with the inner filled with shredded fabric to avoid lumps and no gaps. Every Tuf Wear punch bag passes through an X-Ray machine before leaving the factory. It features 6 hanging straps and heavy duty welded D rings for easy hanging to ceiling hook or bracket.

- Heavyweight PU outer 

- 6 Hanging straps 

- Zip closure at top 

- Tuf Wear branded

Approx Dimensions:

Bag Length: 3FT 3inches / 40 inches / 102cm

Weight: 28-30kg

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