Versamitt Double Sided Punch Mitt
Versamitt Double Sided Punch Mitt
Versamitt Double Sided Punch Mitt
Versamitt Double Sided Punch Mitt

Versamitt Double Sided Punch Mitt


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Hey Coach  You are discovering the worlds first and only double sided punch mitts, striking pads catching any strikes, training your athlete, fighter for precise effective punching. 

Have your efforts pay off in wins for you and your team;  Only limited by the experience and creativity of coaches, whom I find adapt easily.    Beginners will learn with more options than ever before  and using Versamitts makes sure mitt work is working for us and not hurting coaches elbows, or presenting a different angle than we intended. Targets on both sides create a better visual for coach and boxer while seeking to create angles in boxing along with expanded ways to show combinations. 

Dominate the ring with clean effective punching placed perfectly every time with proper muscle memory!  Created By a Coach For a Great Coach LIKE  YOU!  Your unique yet effective mitt work can only hit another level with expanded options when feeding BODY SHOTS, OVERHAND RIGHTS , IMPROVE ANGLING PRECISE PUNCH PLACEMENT .Strike gold with Versamitts  truly a WIN = WIN for Boxing Coaches  and Athletes.


versatile striking pad. Designed by nationally renowned boxing Coach Brad Carlton  to provide coaches and  athletes with

improved accuracy!!!!

Reduced stress on coaches elbows.

presents and promotes proper angles

versatile in use for catching all kinds of punches/strikes

·zero  impact striking pad doubles as a body shield allowing for precise striking angles 

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